Sunday, November 11, 2012

Movie Week

Well, now that I am trying to think of what happened this week, I can't remember a thing. All i remember about Monday is that it was a typical day. I went to work at good 'ol Wells Fargo as usual. Currently working full time there and John is at Autozone. We're living the dream in our little apartment together. Tuesday was Election Day. We left the house early before work to go vote. Upon arriving at the high school that was to be our 'polling place' we found the line at a stand still. Not long, but not moving either. No reason.There were 8 open stations in clear view. But there we stood, for 20 minutes. I realized if we waited any longer I would be late for work. So, we dismissed ourselves and I begrudgingly gave up my so coveted 4th place in line, and went to a long day at work. I went back at lunch and to my surprise, did not have to wait. I walked up to the american flag grandmas that were running the computers and got my card, and voted! I didnt think I would feel as cool as I did, but it was such a good feeling! Once I got home that night, I turned on the news. The competition was fierce, and to me, was more exciting than any football game I had ever seen. After a while, it started feeling more and more like a football game. Watching your team lose, when you were so sure that you had this one in the bag. After Obama hit 244 we switched to Netflix and watched 30 Rock, and immediately felt better.

The next day wasn't as dramatic as i thought it would be. I work with some people who were very...'passionate' about the election. And I was almost sure that these people would either have moved to Canada never to be seen again, or shown up and 'gone postal' on everyone at the bank. Neither happened. I'll move to Thursday because Wednesday was insanely boring. I was scheduled to work from 9-1 that day. I haven't been outside on a Thursday between the hours of 1-6 since before I was hired at Wells Fargo, so i was elated. The best part? John was scheduled until 1 as well. Best day ever. We had a date planned for Friday, but with the excitement of getting out of work early, did everything on Thursday instead. We went to Cafe Rio for dinner and went to see the movie "Wreck it Ralph" which was one of the most feel good movies I had ever seen. If you want to be in a great mood for the rest of the week, I recommend that movie.

Friday I had a great day at work, I got out an hour early. We got dinner at Freestyle Pizza (the best pizza in Cedar if you ask me) and watched the movie "Arthur" with Joel and Lily. I didn't think I would like that movie as much as I did, but I highly recommend that one as well. (we watch a lot of movies) Saturday I had to work, I usually never work Saturdays. But it snowed the night before, and (call me maybe crazy) snow puts me in the best mood so I didn't mind. After work I went grocery shopping with Lily, and for some reason the Grocery store was having a holiday super sale raffle magical party or something, and EVERYONE and their mothers dog was at the store. Of course I chose to buy 2 weeks worth of groceries on a Saturday night in a predominantly Mormon community on a special coupon night. Nightmare. The fact that Lily was with me made it better. We tag teamed and got the heck out of there.

John had to work Saturday night so I went on a friend date with Kjerstin. She used to work with me at Wells Fargo but recently got promoted to the other branch as a banker. Which is why we had a friend date. We went to Chili's and got sweet potato fries and chips and salsa, and then topped it off with Starbucks. That's just simply how we do it. When John was off work we went and saw James Bond 'Skyfall' (we really watch a lot of movies) with Joel. it was very masculine, and cool. So that leads us to today. I went to sing with Home Girls (my mom, hayli, and i) at the Presbyterian Church. It was an interesting experience but we did a great job so that's all i care about. I came home and made pumpkin cookies for our Sunday school class, and headed off to church. Right now I am upstairs doing this, and John and Joel are downstairs watching Act of Valor (a lot of movies) and I am gonna go bake some more pumpkin cookies for them, if you've read this, i'm sorry it was so long and that nothing really exciting happened. But hey, welcome to my life.

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